Looking for a fireplace mantel?



irvine, Ca

The original fireplace was removed along with 12" of brick facia to reduce the overall height.

The new mantel was then attached to the newly refurbished hearth.

The finished mantle.

The finished mantle

Dana Point, Ca

The original fireplace mantle that came with the house.

Dana Point, Ca

The new mantle

Lake forest, CA

The newly refaced fireplace.

Lake Forest, Ca

The new mantle.

Huntington Beach, Ca

The original fireplace mantel.

Huntington Beach, CA

The new mantle.

Mission Viejo near the lake

The original firplace with an adobe tile hearth.

Mission Viejo, CA

We extended the raised hearth after removing the adobe tiles and added drawers below for extra storage.

Granite replaced the tiles and the combination mantle and TV frame completed the project.




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