About Us

Designer Roger Scott,  U.S. Navy veteran and former TV newsman and radio DJ, with his wife Marti, founded the Mars Company in 1974. After working from their home garage for several years, they moved into their present Huntington Beach location in 1977. Rather than expanding the business as demand grew, they instead decided to keep the business small to better oversee the quality and workmanship of the products they fabricate. All woods used in the production of furnishings are hand picked from the finest materials available.  Attention to detail; never design the same piece twice: These are the hallmarks at Mars, where working in wood is still fun and each piece is a one of a kind adventure.

"...stuff for your Space...Space for your stuff..."

Celebrating our 44th year we are :

The Mars Company, Custom Cabinets and Design Studio
7441 Mountjoy Drive Huntington Beach, California 92648

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